Beaver Lodge

Explore the incredible Sproat Lake Beaver Lodge in all its natural splendour. Beavers build dams to change the course of streams to their benefit but they live in beaver lodges which are large structures made from wood they have chewed down and dragged into place. This lodge is full of underwater tunnels and provides the perfect home for these busy beavers to rest in. Can you spot them working out there today?

Pacific Rim Highway Cam

Make sure to check the road conditions before embarking to Tofino/Ucluelet. Keep in mind any roadwork projects that may be ongoing and that the weather through Sutton Pass may be worse than what is depicted here.

Sproat Lake Waterfront

Check out this spectacular view from our patio! Enjoy everything the lakefront has to offer and experience being at home in the middle of everywhere!

*We do our best to ensure that these cameras provide a live feed but cannot be held responsible if conditions do not match what is depicted here.