Did you know that Port Alberni is considered by many to be the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World?

You may fish with rod & reel from Victoria Quay, Sproat Lake, and the banks of the Stamp and Somass rivers, with incredible opportunities to see wildlife while enjoying some reclusive time with nature.  Visitors can also launch boats and clean their catch at the Clutesi Haven Marina (at the foot of town next to the Somass). Guests from afar can even use local merchants to prep, package, and ship fish back home. If you are at all unsure about how to get started on an adventure like this, come see us at the front desk or send us an email. An unforgettable fishing experience could be a part of your next vacation.

Steelhead Fishing in Port Alberni

Port Alberni, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for its exceptional freshwater winter steelhead salmon fishing experience. As the winter months approach, the steelhead salmon start their journey from the Pacific Ocean into the rivers and streams of the region, including the renowned Stamp and Somass Rivers. Anglers eagerly await this seasonal migration, venturing into the picturesque, snow-kissed landscape to try their luck at hooking these prized fish. The challenge of landing a winter steelhead, known for their strength and acrobatics, adds to the allure of the sport. The pristine, cold waters of Port Alberni provide an ideal habitat for these magnificent fish during the winter, making it a sought-after destination for avid anglers seeking an unforgettable fishing adventure amidst stunning natural scenery.

Accommodation for Fishing in Port Alberni

We host many fishermen throughout the year and make for an excellent basecamp so you know you have a hot shower and a clean bed to dream about the ones that didn’t get away. We can help you plan your trip and we work with local guides like West Coast River Charters to make your travel plans as easy as possible. 

Fishing can be rigorous work (Don’t let anyone tell you different) and we want to make sure you are being well taken care of when not manning your rod. Send us an email to get started planning your next fishing getaway!