One of the incredible sights to behold on Vancouver Island, watching the salmon journey up Stamp River to Spawn.

Every year, beginning in late August and starting with the sockeye, salmon make their way from the ocean, up the river by the thousands. Lasting through to December, with the chinook and coho runs, you can see these amazing creatures biding their time in the pools at the base of the waterfall, resting for the push ahead.

A salmon ladder has been built to help the salmon move their way up the river, featuring tubes and pools to make sure as many can return to their original spawning ground as possible. Make sure to check out the video camera set up that displays these fish making their way through the tunnel.

Hiking in Stamp River Provincial Park

The main trail in the park is accessible and just past the main parking lot and campground. The trail network is well maintained with fencing and phenomenal view points from which to look up and down the water fall and river. It is a short walk to the waterfall and the trails circle back up to the parking lot with multiple places to appreciate the view and snap a photo along the way.

There is also access to the Long Stamp River trailhead, a 7km one way trail that takes you up the river further through lush, green forest.

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Stamp River Wildlife

Apart from the different kinds of salmon fighting their way up stream, there are other creatures that visitors might catch a glimpse of. Black bears come to the river to fish and fill their bellies before tucking themselves in for the winter. You can catch these gorgeous animals fishing away in the river, mostly unbothered by onlookers as they are intent on filling their bellies. This time of the year for bears has led to some stunning photos, making this a must stop destination for any wildlife photographers.

There are also eagles and gulls abound as these birds seek to pick off struggling salmon and enjoy the remains the bears may have overlooked.

As always, make sure to exercise caution when visiting nature, obey all posted signs and stay within the boundaries. Do not attempt to feed any animals, dispose of your garbage properly and take lots of pictures!

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