The West Coast and Pacific Rim are synonymous with incredible hikes and amazing views.

There are so many peaks conquer and places to explore, shout out the wonder of this coast from all of the mountain tops.

5040 – 1,536M

Looking for your next challenge? 5040 is a challenging peak, taking you up 891M and 6.9KM in and out, hikers will pass the shores of tranquil Cobalt Lake and take in breathtaking views of Vancouver Island. The trail is complete with everything West Coast, including waterfalls, beautiful forest and alpine views. The trail winds along with the Effingham River towards the peak and while challenging, the views are worth the sore muscles. While the drive to the trailhead is made easier with a 4WD vehicle, it is not mandatory and quite possible without it. Of course, we are here to help point you in the next direction, and also to help you relax and to nourish you upon your return.

Mt. Klitsa  1,639M

The second highest peak in the Alberni Valley, Mt. Klitsa boasts excellent views with distant views encompassing the southern ranges of Strathcona Provincial Park to the north with the Comox Glacier, Mt. Septimus and Big Interior Mountain standing out. Given the right conditions, it’s even possible to catch glimpses of the Golden Hinde and Elkhorn over the left and right shoulders respectively of the Septimus massif but conditions need to be ideal.

In this instance, a 4WD vehicle is required to reach the trailhead. The trail and hike itself are difficult, with open faces and loose rock near the summit. Gaining an elevation of 893M and hiking in and out a distance of 8.9KM, we can guarantee that you will be ready for cocktails and a comfy bed after your day of adventure.

Mt. Arrowsmith – 1,817M

While you can enjoy world class views of Mt. Arrowsmith while enjoying dinner and a craft cocktail, the view from on top of the mountain is spectacular as well. The tallest mountain in the Alberni Valley, Mt. Arrowsmith has many trails that can all be accomplished in one day. Situated just east of the head of the Alberni Inlet between the Englishman and Cameron River watersheds, the ocean is within view and a mere 40KM away.

Accessing the various trailheads requires traversing logging roads but a 4WD is not necessary and depending on the route taken, it can be 4-6KM in and out by taking either the Saddle Route or the Judges Route. Arguably the most famous mountain hike on Vancouver Island, Mt. Arrowsmith is a MUST for all hikers and climbers looking to experience the West Coast.

Whatever your hiking plans detail, we are here to help point you in the right direction and make sure you are well cared for before you leave and when you return.