You truly get an appreciation for our coast when you explore it by air.

Port Alberni Panorama Seaplane Tour

Join us for an exhilarating 30-minute panoramic tour that begins with a lift-off from Sproat Lake, ascending to an altitude of over 1000 feet. As we turn westward over Sproat Lake, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of the magnificent Alberni Valley.

During the tour, we’ll fly over the world-renowned Martin Mars Air Tanker Base, offering a spectacular vantage point of the Martin Mars Water Bombers. In fact, the wingspan of the Martin Mars is even wider than that of the Boeing 747!

As we continue the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the stunning Mount Arrowsmith and Alberni’s bustling Harbour like never before. And to top it all off, we’ll make a picture-perfect landing that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Beautiful Della Falls Aerial Experience

Embark on an exclusive 45-minute seaplane tour that begins with a departure from Sproat Lake and takes you on an exciting mountain adventure. As we make our way, you’ll have the chance to take in stunning views of all of Sproat Lake before entering the picturesque Great Central Lake valley on our journey to the Falls.

In 1899, prospector and trapper Joe Drinkwater discovered the awe-inspiring Della Falls, which he named after his beloved wife. Drinkwater also constructed a 16 km (10 mi) hiking trail to the falls via Drinkwater Creek, and evidence of his gold mining operation, including an aerial tramway he built, can still be seen near the falls. With a total vertical drop measured at 440 metres (1443 ft.), Della Falls is widely regarded as the highest waterfall in Canada, though several other waterfalls in British Columbia are thought to exceed 600 metres (1969 ft) in height.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, as our pilots will circle around Della Falls for picturesque shots on our way back, and we’ll also overfly the world-famous Martin Mars Flying Boats. With two tours in one, this is an incredibly special experience that you won’t want to miss.

Explore Tofino by Air

Experience the most exhilarating one-and-a-half-hour tour ever created from Alberni!

Our journey begins with a departure from Alberni and takes us on a scenic west route that allows us to soar over Sproat Lake and take in the stunning views of the famous Martin Mars Flying Boats. As we continue westward, we pass by Sproat Lake before turning southwest at Sutton Pass and heading towards the magnificent Kennedy Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in British Columbia. From there, we make our way towards Tofino Harbour, which is known as the “whale watching capital of the West Coast.” The sights on this leg of the journey are truly amazing and the beauty is absolutely breathtaking. You’ll even see a smile on your pilot’s face as we love this route too!

After taking in the sights of Tofino Township, we turn southward for an overflight of Tofino’s World War II airport, beaches, and parks before arriving overhead Long Beach, BC. It’s difficult to put into words the innate beauty of this west coast jewel, which lies on the edge of Canada. After overflying Long Beach and the bustling Sea-Lion Rocks, we proceed along the coast to Ucluelet, which was a former Flying Boat Base from World War II. Once we leave Ucluelet (“UKEE” as it’s known locally), we enter Barkley Sound and overfly the Broken Group Islands. Depending on the customized options you’ve chosen for this tour, we turn towards Alberni Inlet, passing over Sechart Channel, Haggard Cove, Kildonan, and Sarita Bay en route to Sproat Lake, where we’ll make a lovely lake landing. We’re confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy this tour and be eager to come back and customize a new route for next year!

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